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Welcome to my California crime scene cleanup web site. I'm here to help with your blood cleanup needs following homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and other biohazardous conditions. I own my own crime scene cleanup business. I'm Eddie Evans. My business is known as Biosafe. It's actually a biohazrd cleanup company, which means that I clean more than crime scenes.

I clean after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths.



Crime Scene Cleanup Services

  • I guarantee my price and accept homeowners insurance,
  • I guarantee my work,
  • I pay for chemicals, tools, and equipment,
  • I add value to my work,
  • I remove biohazardous materials and treat them,
  • I thouroughly clean the death scene.

We're actually discussing blood cleanup because the Center for Disease defines a biohazard as follows:


  1. Wet blood
  2. Moist blood
  3. Dry flaky blood
  4. Any object capable of releasing blood when compressed.
  5. Other potentially infectious materials (OPIM)


About my Crime Scene Cleanup Prices


My crime scene cleanup prices begin and at $350 out-the-door, which includes my first hour of labor. Supplies and tools included, my $1,500 does not mean all of my that all of my blood cleanup work costs $1,500. It means my prices do not exceed $1,500. On very rare occasions involving multiple death or extraordinary cleaning conditions, I may need to quote a higher fee. I'm still much lower than civil servant referred blood cleanup companies.

It is a rare day when crime scene cleanup that cost me money. But, I've had a few biohazard cleanup jobs that did cost me money, but I don't always walk away with as much as I might. That's business. So long as I can work at my California crime scene cleanup business, honor the needs of my clients, and offer a competative, if not the lowest price and best service, I'm pleased..

That's a lot of time invested in a biohazard cleanup job for which I receive no pay and must cover my gasoline and truck expenses. So a savvy reader will wonder, "What's wrong with this guy that he must travel all over the US to run his biohazard cleanup business?".


Time does not heal. Feelings are not bad. Emotions cannot be blamed. Feeling hate and an urge for revenge do no good for anyone. Never allow a generalized sense of hate for people of various backgrounds to interfer with your good judgement. It's OK to hate while mourning, as long as this hate gives way to understanding and solice. Coping with, dealing with the pain of another's death has no end. Grief does not go away. We learn to live with it by managing it. Slowly our grief takes it place in our unconsiousness, subconsciousness, deep memory, or whatever else we've chosen to call it. For certain, we cannot continue to live in a modern society while acting out grief for the rest of our lives. "Life goes on" has an obvious truth to it.

Practical Steps to Grieving

  1. Openly talking and thinking about our loss begins our grief experience. We will not move forward without acknowleging our loss.
  2. How we handles our emotions becomes our most important means of understanding our grief. This means We need to understand our own responses to another's death by healthy grieving, which begins with recognizing our emotions as we live through our loss.
  3. Lost ones to violent deaths remain with us, although not physically. In matters of mind and spirit, they remain with us; this fact cannot end, ever. By remembering good and bad, and valuing our time with our loved one, we do not need them to be present for them to be a part of our lives. They live on through us, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We cannot prove this fact wrong.

I fight Orange County's crooks, government crooks, primarily. Call me Eddie Evans. Our county government's small time crooks make big time money, really big money. Our Orange County government crooks have life about as easy as any petty government thief has ever had stealing from the public. In their case, victims of violent homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths followed by decomposition must visit their taxpayer supported enterprise.


You see, homicides and suicides must have some sort of investigation for legal purposes. The idea is to protect the innocent and serve the public good. We all know that crooks abound in Orange County so it is a good thing that our county government helps to identify murderers and investigate suicides.


Orange county courts need to know facts about homicides in Orange County. family members need to know facts about suicides and family.

  1. Earning a fair price for my blood cleanup work in Orange County, my home of record.
  2. Provide an important service to those facing a serious personal crisis.
  3. Creating a free enterprise environment for biohazard cleanup companies in Orange County and everywhere else in our United States.
  4. Helping to ensure future generations have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to cope with biohazardous events, manmade and otherwise.Not long ago some small time crooks were accused of tunneling into a marijuana pharmacy.

1. I do business in Orange County as Biosafe. after eight years a reasonable person would expect to have some sort of business in orange County, California. This is not the case for my blood cleanup company in Orange County. Were others have failed to survive as blood cleanup companies in Orange County, I have managed to survive as a resident doing business in Orange County, but not actually working in Orange County with any regularity. I hope my Orange County blood cleanup work improves if and when honesty in government begins.




From 2002 two 2005 I received about one blood cleanup job every 3 to 6 weeks in Orange County. in 2005 to the present, this change to about one telephone call for blood cleanup per year in Orange County. a newly arrived competing blood cleanup company reported that he would receive blood cleanup work from a friend in the orange County corners apartment. And indeed, my call stopped coming in orange County.

At this time most of my blood cleanup work comes from cities in central California. until about 18 months ago, my Internet presence in Orange County and Los Angeles County was second to none, except for pay-per-click advertisers found at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines. other suicide cleanup web sites for our public's benefit.


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It's become nearly impossible to write about homicide and suicide cleanup without commenting on the nature of suicide. The recent suicide by Robin Williams reminds us that this sort of murder remains a familiar part of our society. Both homicide and suicide may arise from an unattended death as well. Not all homicide victims die after receiving their mortal wounds. They linger on alone until they bleed out, their perpetrators long gone.



In other places I write about white males, The Six Gun Mystique, and suicide. From the perspective of non-whites, white male suicide must seem perverse. We might also look at the role of an abusive person in the occurrence of suicide.


G.K. Chesterson attacked suicide as the sin of sins because the "man who kills himself kills all." Suicide wipes out the world and in so doing insults all of life's beauty. (return)


Chesterson also notes that at least the thief lives satisfied with diamonds, complimenting the diamonds and their source. The suicide victim exits the world insulting it and everything else.


Crime scene cleanup workers become working witnesses to suicide's insulting consequences.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup includes human blood and tissue cleanup because of bloodborne pathogens. Pathogens, germs, must have our respect when biohazardous. Any blood outside of the human body becomes biohazardous when wet, moist, or dry and flaky. Whether or not such blood actually contains bloodborne pathogens remains moot.

The Center for Disease control and OSHA apply a universal standard to human blood. All human blood carries the biohazard designation as part of a universal bloodborne pathogen standard.

Any object capable of releasing human blood when squeezed qualifies as a biohazardous object. It receives the same attention and handling as enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.



OSHA received a congressional mandate to regulate employer's use of employees to work around blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). As a result, employers must ensure that their employees have necessary protection from bloodborne pathogens. Employees working with or near human blood must wear suitable protection.


's families have no requirements under OSHA. Crime Scene Cleanup recommends that all families choosing to do their own crime scene cleanup tasks follow OSHA-like rules. For those families without funds for crime scene cleanup services, a visit to do it yourself blood cleanup may offer a few suggestions. Also, suicide cleanup offers information related to posttraumatic stress disorder and issues related to suicide cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies

Crime scene cleanup companies expect to remove all human blood and OPIM. It expects to thoroughly clean all areas possibly contaminated. These companies usually have insurance, bonding, and a license where states require a license.


The Limits of Crime

Criminals are part of a social system. If this system produces criminals, we might wonder if there are limits to the crime this system creates. We do know that the threat of crime holds societies together, in part. So if crime helps hold society together, some crime becomes integrated by default. Still, we know crime must end at some point for some people because or our social system would fail. So what are the limits to crime?


Crime Limits Its Self

Crime limits itself. Historically, we can see how crime scene cleanup has followed a pattern in all of this. First, we cleanup after individual criminals. They can do so much, no more. They may rape, murder, embezzle, and steal. They become gangs to better optimize their criminal acts. Then they become criminal syndicates, which we see happening in Orange County, California coroner and administration departments.

With their own hierarchy's growth, rules, and enforcement arm, they become organized in much larger terms. They become more legitimate in this manner. They must abide by rules and stop those who do not, we find.

In this way a state arose as history showed marauding bands of criminals slowly organized into larger political groups. Violent warrior gangs brought an end to plundering and murder as a form of self-protection. They policed their own. In doing so they began to limit the growth of crime. Morality among thieves and criminals has a way of growing into needed social conventions.

Crime Scene Cleanup for the Nazi Medicine Crimes

The Rockefeller Institute funded German research.


Nuremberg, 1933, third Reich coming up - Germany goes to the ultra-right in the footsteps of the National Socialist Party. Hitler sought to run a harmonious, full-blooded arian nation.

Doctors were recruited to help with economic, social and state needs. Physicians were to help heal society of its ailing population of mentally handicapped, jews, gipsies, and others.

German superiority achieved through eugenics would cure Germany of its ills. The Germans were the pioneers in the medical field and significantly advanced the study of medicine. So advanced were German medical practitioners, American physicians routinely visited Germany to learn.

At the turn of the century, social darwinism became the justification for supporting German doctors and other eugenicists. A new society for the fittest to survive and the weakest to expire would improve the human race. By controlling hereditary factors, knowledge gained from animal husbandry could help create a master race. By artificial selection and sterilization, the inferior would cease to live.

Violence, feeble mindedness, genetic diseases and other inferior traits would disappear with a social darwinist approach.

Reducing costs for society would follow as eugenics improved hereditary factors.

Germany, Russian, US, Mexico, England, Brazil, and a total of 30 countries had their own social darwinist movements. As a social political tool, biology would correct society by removing the biologically inferior.

In the United States, Charles Davenport at the U of Long Island relied on funding from Farr.

In 1911 test projects began. Fear of a rapidly growing darker, shorter population emigrating to the US grew. The racist CCC promoted greater attention to sterilization.


England, Russian, Mexico,

Ethical violations grew to their greatest level during this time in the US and Germany. In 1938, Harry Longhand promoted Nazi eugenics at a symposium in Pasadena, California. Americans learned that Jews and people with handicaps inherited from their parents were inferior.

In 1933 the doctors and scientists volunteered their services the same theories Americans were theorizing. Americans had experience in state sterilization programs.
Although legal, these eugenics programs continued without mass disruption.

The "Furor" envisioned a pure blooded German population passing on their special racial characteristics. Social deviants would cease to exist. Social Darwinism had mad its way around the world; as a result no great moved found roots to stop this violation of human rights.

Science, law, and politics were used to place German eugenics into all levels of German society. With cultural norms changed by propaganda in service of the new German state, genuine science failed to lead to a real science.

German doctors joined the Nazi party and accepted a Nazi ideology of anti-semitism and fascism. Jews were considered to be the source of all evil in German culture. All over Europe pogroms occurred. No development in Germany could continue with the Jewish "problem" present. Racial theory and fascism lead to mandatory sterilization of the undesirable.

Nazi racial hygiene followed Harry Long.

Sterilization for Human Betterment . A perfect symbiotic relationship between the government and medical profession would help cure the chronically ill state.

October 1939, the Third Reich makes euthanasia a doctrine. Legally, socially, spiritually prepared, Hadamar began authorizing the mentally unfit Unsuspecting, mentally retarded children were allowed to starve to death. Their families were told their child would die from an injection. By 1941, entire institution medical staff became supporters of the euthanasia program. For those opposed, their voices were made silent or remained silent. Crime scene cleanup would remain for the passing of another 4 years.

German doctors were formerly socialized to total elimination of Jews and Gypsies. Suicide and cannibalism became problems in ghettos created for large numbers of people crowded together. Water, food, and electricity were in short supply. Blood cleanup resources were practically impossible to find. Typhus a and tuberculosis killed many thousands. The Jewish medical staff showed great heroism against all odds. These doctors were used to select candidates for the German concentration camps.

German doctors at these camps chose those people who were to die. Jews were all subject to death.

Interestingly, as all of this was going on, Jim Crow social and political conditions continue alive and well in the Southern United States. See Nazi Medicine.


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Designed for crime scene cleanup victims' families in the area. May corrupt and conniving city and county employees rot in the bowels of hell.


Liberality and magnificence in feces cleanup instills honor in the biohazard cleanup industry.

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There's more available on my other California crime scene cleanup websites.I try to make it clear that I'm available to work at any place in California for homicide, suicide, unattended death, in infectious waist cleanup. As a California crime scene cleanup company owner, I feel obliged to offer infectious waste cleanup as well as crime scene cleanup.`I was born in California fill a duty to do my best to crime scene cleanup for those families in need of my service.


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