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This Los Angeles crime scene cleanup page offers information of value to those in need of blood cleanup. For homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup it's better to know what you should and should not agree to or how much to spend. Never spend more than $2000 for a single death cleanup. Look around until you find someone. Always get a fixed fee in writing.

Here, readers also find information about local government corruption in the crime scene cleanup business. County employees send families in mourning to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies.


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For local government racketeering information:

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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup


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   May 12, 2012
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Crime Scene Cleanup Narrative



Biohazard Cleanup

When human blood becomes some part of a cleaning task, think "biohazard cleanup." When this biohazard, blood, cleanup involves violent death or injury, homicide, suicide, or a traumatic injury, then it's about crime scene cleanup.

A Los Angeles crime scene cleanup has some differences from biohazard cleanup in other states. In Los Angeles County a crime scene cleanup company uses crime scene cleanup practitioners trained in bloodborne pathogen issues. They renew this training once per year. You too can earn this bloodborne certification by going to Google, Bing, or Yahoo! and typing in bloodborne pathogen traing. You'll find a number of bloodborne pathogen training companies offering inexpensive, "$20" online course. Once a crime scene cleaner or anyone else has this certification, then they too do blood cleanup for pay.

In any event, biohazard cleanup for pay requires training recognized by the Occupational Health and Administration Agency, which requires bloodborne pathogen training.

You may already have bloodborne pathogen training.



The federal government and the Los Angeles state government occupational safety and health administration have rules for employers nationwide. Los Angeles employers who have employees that must come close to blood or handle blood or bloody objects require bloodborne pathogen training at least once a year. Blood-borne pathogen blood-borne pathogen training may be taken from the American Red Cross were taken online. To take blood-borne pathogen training online, simply type the word blood-borne pathogen training into Google, Yahoo, or being.

More than one website will appear offering blood-borne pathogen training. They charge around $20 per person. They offer a certificate. This certificate is often called, "certification for crime scene cleanup training." Certification for crime scene cleanup training costs over hundreds of dollars. It's worthless. It's worthless for everyone not in league with corrupt, local government employees.



Unless you know something that I don't, and that's always a possibility, there are no federal state or county or city laws preventing families from cleaning up blood from their own family members. If you have information indicating otherwise, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Nationwide, our corners employees, our probate employees, firefighters, police officers, Sheriff's deputies, and other public officials either recommend or order families to have a biohazard company cleanup after a families member has died, a bloody, traumatic death in the home. This is wrong and leads to needless expenses for many families. It is more than wrong. It is criminal behavior. Taking advantage of people when they are emotionally upset for the private gain of the taxpayer supported employee should be a capital offense, in my opinion.

But the truth is that our government officials do not see much wrong with this sort of behavior. All of this tells me (Eddie Evans) that something's wrong with our governments. What we need to do with this sort of government remains a mystery, but for certain we must assert ourselves and cause our governments to post signs for public awareness in these matters. At least get this much done and then we can talk about other steps to take for public awareness.

Families represent one of the first social structures in human history. Usually a pair bonds occurred between mother and child, a diet, and if it survived long enough for the offspring to reproduce, this dyad may have become a triad adding a grandchild. For a grandchild to join a family in the early history of the human family became a major event. In offered an opportunity for the new arrival to learn from two survivors, it's father or mother, and its grandparent. Such triads offered a great opportunity for the newest member to reproduce valuable information for the 7th Generation.

Families became more complex as individuals learn to survive the hardships of living in the wild. Complexity in the family grew as we learn to survive with one another and reap the benefits of a small group trained for group survival as well as the individuals survival. In this way surviving into the future became more common, and lead to even greater complexity and families. As rules and codes became existent for the benefit of the group, official group recognition of families arose, and with it rules and codes, laws. So today we have family law to point out responsibilities of parents to their children and one another.




Domestic Homicides

Domestic homicides occur most often by male perpetrators in fits of jealousy, rage, drunkenness, and other forms of intoxication. They rarely occur from provocation, but may have been provocation may have been partly imagined. Abusive persons leave crime scene cleanup workers plenty of evidence of domestic violence and victims.

Intimate partner killings by males, then, follow often from jealousy and drug or alcohol or abuse of both drugs. Suicide following homicides under these conditions should not surprise us. In intimate relationship slaying by male offenders we find a either an overwhelming guilt arises, or the final scene of their preplanned killing.

A young California crime scene cleaner reported a domestic homicide he cleaned in Northern California. It seems that a California State Prison inmate murdered his wife of 12 years. Apparently, after one week out of the joint and living with his spouse, she naiviely related the truth of the matter to him.

She had been seeing another by whom she now carried an embryo. She explained to her husband that shortly she would move out and void their relationship. Without warning or further provocation, the newly freed man stabbed his wife with a rusty screw driver repeatly about the face and upper toreso. He left her and began to hitch hike up and down the state. After nearly freezing and starving, he turned himself in to the local state police, The California Highway Patrol. He felt better in state hands since he had a long relationship with California's institutions and expected to resume this relationship soon.

Felony-Homicide Situations

Noted above, most female instigated homicides occur within a domestic setting. For others involved in a a felony-homicide situation, most routinely thy accompany a male during a robbery, sexual transaction, or drug heist related theft gone lethal. Inner city police officers see these female felony-homicides more often then rural and suburban police and Sheriff's Deputies. Crime scene cleanup practitioners find that these homicides take place with great and vicious violence toward their victims, which are often double homicides if not mass murders.

As accessories to these horrific crimes, females become just as culpable as their male counterparts. Here's such a felony from a Los Angeles homicide:

Brenda arrived at her male victim's residence at about 2100, June 29, 2005. The 25 year old female announced her presence while offering special considering for her victim. Unknowingly, this homicide victim opened his white, front door to two Mexican males standing just outside of the front porch light's illumination. The victim, upon recognizing the two male assailants, ran for his bedroom while the two males shot high-caliber handguns at him. Wounded in the right buttocks and lower right leg, he continued valiantly for his bedroom, about 12 free from the front door.

Reaching his bedroom, he removed his handgun from under a pillow. His name, Jesse, he now heard the two males and females shouting. He now recognized his assailants as county coroner's employees drumming up business for local Los Angeles crime scene cleanup companies. Jesse feared for his life as never before. He would rather face the Nazi Party than these blood sucking county employees. He vowed to take them to their graves and hell.

Once in his young hand, the Smith and Wesson 48 felt cool and smooth, and reassuring. Turning toward his bedroom door with the resolve of a wounded by heroic soldier about to die in defense of his comrades, Jesse charged for the door. Firing with a firm grip on his pistol, Jesse knew that if he aimed narrowly at the front doorway, at least one of his opponents may have entered this portal to hell about now. He figured right. Brenda went down with a slug to her center throat; she went down backwards and beyond the porch.

Brenda stood five-foot-two and weighed a mere 102 pounds. Her brown almond shaped eyes turned wide and wild at the instant of impact. Her tightly bound blouse exposed the round contour of her young frame. Its white collars became blood red instantly. Blood squirted wildly from her neck's gaping, fatal wound. She would taunt no more young men.

Still firing, Jesse knew not to linger or stop firing; for any instant he stood to go down in a hail of fire. Still moving quickly, dodging and ducking wildly, he slammed chest first onto the apartment's pine wood floor. A good light reflecting, clean floor with a newly polished surface, Jesse slid along the front room's floor as if he were on a child's water slide. Turning, squirming to his right and left, he pulled off first one round to the right and then a second to the left.

His opponents were unnerved by the speed, accuracy, and tenacity of Jesse's counter-attack.

Now intimated by the sound and power of Jesse's 9 millimeter Glock, both sought cover, but too late for Owen, whose right knee came out of its socket by a hollow point round traveling over 2,000 feet per second. Owen's body dropped like a lead anchor as his entire being reacted to an excruciating pain. This pain he could not know existed, ever or anywhere; now it visited itself upon his entire body and being. A knee-joint loss by blunt force trauma hurts with few rivals. Blood quickly began to run to the direction of the room's natural settling, toward the kitchen. Neausiating pain and wrething from the stomach removed this county gangster from action.


Jasper's situation also turned to the worse, but he knew now that he and Jesse stood toe-to-toe, and only one could hope to survive this blood bath. He began popping off rounds as fast as his 9 millimeter could unload. The same weapon as George Zimmerman fired a single shot into Trayvon Martin’s chest, Jasper expected results and instantly. His inexpensive, semiautomatic, Kel-Tec cracked off round after round into the floor, wall, and into the squirming Jesse

Jesse now had a single target and one chance to live, get off that killing round and do it now; he did. But now wounded three times, and once with a 9 millimeter slug, his blood loss soon ran along the shining floor toward the kitchen, albeit slowly. Jesse laid still upon the floor, knowing that any minute that the Los Angeles Department hell-bent for action. And they did. With four minutes the first black-and-white police cruiser reached Witmer Street.

This Los Angeles felony-homicide involving a female tells how an accomplish becomes involved in an attempted murder. But for Jesse's quick reaction and the 9 Millimeter Glock, his days as a biohazard cleanup practitioner would have ended that night.

Brenda set up Jesse because she believed the propaganda about the great money crime scene cleaners take home every week. She believed that Jesse kept great wealth in his small apartment. Little did she know that Los Angeles crimes scene cleaners do not earn what others claim that they bring home. Jesse kept his registered gun because of the on-going gang related killings between 1st Street gangsters and Rockwood gangsters. He would clean again, but first needed time to mend.


I live in Cypress, California, but I do not do crime scene cleanup in Cyress or anywhere else in Orange County, for that matter. There's a complete monopoly over the biohazard business by county and city employees.







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